K12osn and LTSP
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William Fragakis
2014-10-29 16:07:44 UTC
I'm on digest mode so sorry if this has already been answered -

K12linux is more of a repository for the ltsp packages tailored
for Enterprise Linux (EL), e.g Redhat's open source brethren such
as Centos or Scientific. Install your preferred version of EL and then
the ltsp packages on top (plus various config changes such as starting
services, etc.) I haven't tried it on EL7 yet as our 6.5 installation is
rock solid.

In the early days of k12ltsp, its predecessor, it was an entire spin
with it's own install CDs. Much of that reason was it included not only
the ltsp packages but the education oriented packages, too.
From what I've read, Fedora 19 packages, in general, seem work with EL
7. I do have an older version of ltsp running fine on Fedora 19 since
the newest packages are x86_64 and I'm i686. My Fedora installation has
been upgraded overtime since maybe Fedora 10 or 11.

Hope that helps,
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Did K12 is a Linux application or a full OS?